Again. Still.

What a powerful read. When we lack the words to express ourselves in the midst of this pandemic (or other things), we have the good fortune to rely on others -such as this writer.

Just thought I’d share.

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We woke up and everything had been different for some time now. Maybe we finally slept through the night. Or embraced waking up early, wired without caffeine. Maybe the bleak haze had become familiar, waiting for something to feel like feeling again. Maybe a call came—your friend is dying. Or, I think we should take a break. Or a text, WE WOULD LIKE TO INFORM YOU THAT PUBLIC MOVEMENT RESTRICTION HAS BEEN IMPOSED.

Maybe we woke to the memory of weeks ago, some faraway country tracking their citizens, an alarmist friend stockpiling taco mix, our partner still warm-eyed and cuddly. All we want is to go back to sleep, back in time, to the moment before the pandemic, the break-up, that moment of sweet unknowing, when everything was still OK.

How can we write? How can we read?

How can we possibly address the page with our life, or…

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Come on Over to my New Home

Dearest friends,

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I have not posted any new content on this page in several months. That is because I have moved my content to my new self-hosted site Hereby Hangs a Tale. I had assumed that when my content was moved, you my beloved followers would naturally be linked to the new site -that tells you how little I know about websites. Now I’m starting to believe that may not have been the case so I have returned today to provide you with the link to the new page. The blog name is the same, the writer as well is the same, yay. But the look of the site is a lot cleaner and and so much prettier. I built it myself with my little accumulated knowledge so I’m super proud.

On the new site there is a subscription form so please take a moment and subscribe so that you continue to receive notifications for new posts and other cool things. It’s the purple box on the right hand side of the page.

Blog Link:

I’m sorry I left you behind. Please come join me on the new bog.

Valerie (Chela) Nyamori


Being Deliberate About Who We Date

Following the release of Black Panther, a lot has been said about how Hollywood portrays black women, and the trickle-down-effect of this portrayal i.e. where society places black women in the dating world. There is a lot of discussion on whether Lupita Nyong’o is Michael B Jordan’s type. There are also plenty of debates on what level on the dating hierarchy Lupita belongs.

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When He’s Three Times Older

There is a couple on my flight that just saddens my soul. Why a young lady of nothing over the age of twenty three agrees to date an old white man possibly in his sixties is completely beyond me. While I was visiting South Coast, Kenya, my driver once said, ‘hawa wazee wanachukuwa wasichana wetu wote’ (these old men are taking all our girls) -as if there is a gun to their heads.  Read more

8 Lessons From 2017

Breather. Smile. Go on an adventure.

  1. Be sure that in all relationships, there is more smiling than there is frowning.
  2. Your instincts are your best friend. Listen to them.
  3. When the metal plate on the iron box burns you, you learn not to touch it again.
  4. Remember to breathe. Every challenging moment will come to pass.
  5. Every day is new adventure. Make the best of it.
  6. Sometimes when you take a step back, you get a much clearer view.
  7. Don’t stay down too long when you fall, learn to bounce back quicker.
  8. Keep a circle of close friends (and family) and hear them out. They will be your strength and your brains when your heart and mind refuse to see eye to eye.








A Tale: The Enigma of the Good Wife

There’s a girl, a young woman, sitting at the far corner of the grandiose dinning hall. Leaning on the wall, at the very end of the room.

Sandi, that is her name.

She is slender, dark, with big white eyes. She is not starring at a cellphone, or a computer screen. She’s not reading a book or eating or even fidgeting with anything. She is, literally, just sitting there. Read more